What Is The Song Garage?

Are you looking for a unique gift, need a little help landing a major inside joke, or just need a cute little soundtrack to get yourself hyped for an event? Custom songs are a fantastic way to meet all of those needs. My name is Adeem Bingham and you might know me as Captain Redbeard, Adeem the Artist, or Kyle Adem. I'm a seasoned songwriter with major sync deals (Discovery Channel, Dearth Licensing) and over a decade writing quirky and sentimental songs for life's most pleasant and profound moments. 

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but graduated High School in Baldwinsville, New York and this hillbilly of the North aesthetic has given me a good handle on accents and the way that geography shapes the music that defines our lives. Since leaving New York in 2010, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world performing onboard Carnival Cruise Ships, put out several albums as 4:thirtyseven, Kyle Adem and as Adeem the Artist, and now I live in a small house in East Tennessee with my wife Hannah and our little skunkling where I get to write the most meaningful songs: the ones that come directly from you. 

So, maybe you want to show that special someone in your life how much you value them or you want to tell a family member "Happy Birthday" with a song about a silly memory you share. Perhaps you have a friend who's going through some difficulty's and could use a little melodic pick-me-up from a friend who cares or you want to prank your friend with a goofy song about how they need to stop vaping. Whatever the song is that you need: I can write that song for you. Please check out the prices below and the FAQ. If you have any other questions please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of the page

Madlib Song Samples

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Order Song

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This is a madlib song! Just fill out the survey and I'll send you the song back!



Favorite Food:

Daily Activity:

Favorite story (less than or equal to 20 words):

Favorite holiday:

Favorite season / weather:

Myers Briggs or Astrological sign:

Favorite drink:

Favorite band:

Biggest interest:

Weirdest thing they’ve ever done:

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$30.00 Save 16.67%!

This is a special madlib love song for Valentine's Day or Anniversaries. It's already written out and recorded so I'll just fill in the blanks and send it back! This one has the quickest turn-around. Fill out this questionnaire and post in the "Notes" section:


City you met in:

Your song:

Band who sings it:

First date (less than or equal to twenty words):

Biggest shared interest:

Favorite memory:

Favorite shared activity:

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This is an acoustic & vocal recording of a fresh song around 1-2 minutes long. When placing your order, please include the purpose of the song (love song, encouragement for a friend, theme song for a superhero persona, or a story), the story you want told (if applicable),10-15 bullet points- favorite memories, foods they enjoy, how you met, places they frequent- any quirky detail with sentimental value. Can be as few as 5 bullet points but the more I have the better so I can craft the things that work best together into a narrative.

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Physical CD
  • Physical CD
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This your song burned to CD (sorry we don't have tapes yet!) with original artwork printed and all put in a plastic sleeve so that the song can be handed off in a physical presentation. Boom. It's a present.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your cat? 

Very big. 

What is the turnaround? 

Turn around is 5-7 business days. If you need it expedited, this is sometimes possible. Just let us know the deadline you need it by. 

What is digital distribution? 

This means that I will upload the song to my distributor and it will be able to be searched on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and every digital streaming platform. If you're surprising your friend Jake who is always holding Salami in his hands, you might order the digital distribution option and have the track listed as "Captain Redbeard feat. Salami Hands Jake" 

If I don't order a CD, how will I get my song? 

I'll send you an .mp3 file via email that you can upload right into iTunes or Windows Media- whatever program you use to listen to songs on your computer. I'll also upload them to SoundCloud as an easily shareable link. 

Who does the artwork? 

All of the artwork is done by my wife Hannah Bingham who shares her art under the moniker High Five Hannie. She's an award-winning visual artist based out of Knoxville with years of experience in acrylics, oils, and watercolor who has recently made her way into the field of digital art. All of the images above are examples of her digital artwork.

I have a Podcast or a YouTube channel. Can I use one of these songs for that?

Please message directly via the custom form below for pricing on project of this scale. The prices listed above are not intended for commercial purposes.